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Hey! I loved this post for some reason. :) My grandmother canned tomatoes all summer every summer when I was growing up. I know that she steamed them to get the skin off...and that she scalded her hand severely. So be careful if you pressure steam them. OK?!? And, boy do I love a man in the kitchen. My own, of course!! My mother-in-law taught Scott well.

Sorry about your baby bird. We have tried twice to save little birds, but apparently they really do need their bird mamas. But it's sad. :( Hope you enjoy your last week of errands!


I don't skin them. I just run them through the food processor till they are chopped the size I want and then can from there. Try a batch that way and see what you think :) I've never had a problem with the skins in recipes or anything else. And you could totally rock a bad you live so far away, my girls would LOVE to show Ansley the farm ropes!!!


I have no canning advice, but wanted to say how much I love the photo of Ansley & Avery "playing" cards! You captured such a wonderful moment! Game time is during nap time at our house as well. I think Avery and Ella would be fast friends. ;)


Thanks Amber! I don't pressure steam - I just boil and then plunge in cold water. I'm glad you enjoyed this though! Trying to soak up this last "free" day....;)


Suzy - interesting! And it tastes just fine? That would save me a LOT of time! :) It is too bad we aren't closer - we'd love to come visit! :)


Thanks Kathryn! I bet they would be sweet friends! :)


Try one batch and use them in a recipe. Honestly I don't notice a taste difference.

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