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Time is moving way too fast. Ansley in 5th grade! Love your family, miss y'all, see you soon :)


Looks like a great first day! You got my wheels to turning on getting ready for school to start. I don't usually start till after labor day. Love your traditions!


That WAS a great day! So many things in this post made me laugh. L says his math is "too easy." EB says her math is "too awful." And Avery makes me hopeful that once P is a bit older he will settle down and move into coloring with crayons instead of peeling the paper and eating them. And can I just say that I love your messy school table b/c ours looks the EXACT same way only 1 or 2 lessons in!! Hey, at least everything's there and within reach, right?!? Hope the rest of the week goes well and y'all find a nice routine. :)

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