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Melissa Jones

I would love to get my hands on this book!


What a sweet sounding book!


Several years ago, we were introduced to the idea of a Jesse Tree in Noel Piper's book on family traditions. We find this to be a wonderful tool in engaging our hearts and minds in the wonder and anticipation of our Savior's Birth.

We also like to keep things simple. We try to make our own gifts and start early so that it's not overwhelming closer to Christmas. We plan our gatherings so we still have time to be still and reflect. And, we stay home on Christmas day. We welcome visitors (and usually get at least one), but we enjoy sharing that time together as a family, without having to rush out the door.

These little details have helped us focus on Jesus. We find that our hearts are filled with more joy and room for him, as opposed to wanting more of other things.

Thanks for the opportunity to share in this lovely book. I know just who I'd share it with!

Brandi Magee

Oh that sounds like a great book! I've struggled with this same issue for the last several years--going back and forth in my head--of course the kids are excited to get presents--they are kids. But can I get them just as excited, if not more, about GIVING? I think now that my boys are old enough, I would like to try the whole RACK thing and see how it goes. It will certainly keep me on my toes to have something planned for everyday. Thanks for posting this now, so I could have time to get a game plan together before December arrives!


I will second what Jocelyn said about the Jesse Tree. We have done it the past two years (very simple version), and we will continue forever. It is such a great way to stay "grounded" at Christmas and keep the focus where it is supposed to be. That's not to say that my kiddos don't get the "I wants" in December, but we have a good way to refocus and keep our eyes on Jesus.

Thanks for the chance to receive the book. Hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving and start to the Christmas season!!


Hey, again, Megan. I don't know if you keep up with Ann Voskamp's blog, but I believe you will enjoy her latest post. :)

Also, do you receive the World Vision or Compassion giving catalogs? They are a GREAT place to start when talking to your children about how it's TRULY better to give than to receive.


Thanks for the review and giveaway. Your desire to focus on Jesus at Christmas echoes my heart's desire and as Thanksgiving approaches I have felt more and more that I want to get away from the commercialism. Some things that we have done through the years to focus on Jesus: no Santa, Jesse Tree lessons with a carol from the hymnal at the start of our homeschool day (we use the Voskamp's Cradle to the Cross wreath candle lighting as part of this), Adornaments (names of God ornaments from Family Life) with Derek in the evenings. In the past we have memorized Luke 2:1-20 as a family, one verse a night. Some years rather than circling gifts in a toy catalog we have had our girls circle from missions giving catalogs like Amber mentioned to be given in their name. Samaritan's Purse has one also. Other years we have surprised them with a gift in their honor as their gift tucked inside their stocking. Packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and other missions and giving opportunities the kids can help participate in. We have invited friends over for a "What God Wants for Christmas?" party with the boxes from Family Life with the scavenger hunt clues. Derek and I have overdone gifts for them in the past and now try to give something that is more of a family gift or something the girls will share rather than so many individual gifts because they receive too much from grandparents and extended family already. Then we give more individual gifts at birthdays. But it is so hard to take the focus off of receiving gifts and put it on the greatest gift of all, Jesus!

Kendal Barriere

I would love to win this book! Thanks for the review.

Emilee Stanley

Thanks for reminding me that I need to order this book...that is unless I win it. :)

Suzanne McNeil

All three of my boys have birthdays in Mid-December. So, I find myself secretly dreading December and all its chaos. :( By the time the birthdays are over it's the 23rd. I will have to check out this book. Thanks!

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