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That is so ironic. I just pulled out a sweater (from LOFT as well and saw a hole right where my button on my jeans is. I told Mark this happens to me all the time. I wondered if I was from my seat belt?


If the holes are low, they are from your seat belt and wearing shirts untucked.....totally happens to me all the time. GRRRRRRR!


I believe it's from doing dishes and your shirt getting rubbed between the sink and your jeans button.

Jennifer Miller

I have exactly the same problem. I too would like to know what is causing them. I do however have a suggestion for the ruined shirts. Instead of throwing them away I cut them in to squares for Wes or myself to use as rags that can either be washed or thrown away later. I hate using paper towels all the time it seems like a waste, but when I have a nasty mess to clean up I can use a shirt rag. Let me know if you figure out the mystery.


moths? maybe that's the height were you lean on the kitchen counter and food oils/scents get on the shirt and the moths are attracted to it?...I know that's a stretch, but it's one idea :) Good luck!

christina sallustio

I have tons of shirts with the holes in them, Megan - I think they are from my jeans. I see some of my friends have the same. And it was worse when I used to carry my boys around a lot. Now that they are older, there are a few less shirts like this, but I would say almost all of my shirts - especially ones from the loft - end up like this. Not moths.

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