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I agree! Techno stuff is driving me batty! A friend told me about a app called "iAllowence" . We don't give our kids allowance but this app lets you set up responsibilities and chores. Then you can chose allowance, stars or time as the rewards for the chores. You can do a individual profile and list for each kid. We are doing stars and then the kids can "cash" those in for minutes on the iPad, kindle, wii or tv. So far so good. They also seem more motivated by getting to check off their chores and getting in to get them done.

Brandi Magee

Oh goodness! I struggle with this SO MUCH! Particularly because my oldest is super obsessed with computers/video games, but he's only 6 (almost 7). It seems so young to be so into screens. I struggle with letting him do what he loves and pushing him to do what I think 6 year olds should do. And honestly, they are quiet when the screen is's so easy to just let them watch it. Especially with homeschooling, I know we do too much screen time, so it's a goal of mine to change it up a bit here, too. It's such a love/hate relationship for me.


Thanks Suzy! I'll have to check that out - that sounds like a good solution!

My almost 7 year old son is obsessed too, Brandi! I'm so glad to know it's not just to find a solution that works for everyone! :)

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