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Sounds like a wonderful year! I can't wait to wrap up our year in two weeks. I would love hear more about Math U See. My oldest struggles too but my middle is gifted with numbers like yours. We use Teaching Textbooks with the 4th grader and math in focus for the 1st grader, though he is in he 2nd grade book too. We have done CC for our whole homeschooling journey and really love the community. The boys enjoy the memory work and time with friends. Essentials was a lot of work this year but he grew in confidence and skill so it was well worth it. I think your kiddos will really enjoy it and the resources and support you gain from the other families is invaluable. What an exciting thing to look forward to!


Oh, how fun, Marni - I didn't know ya'll did CC, too! I'm looking forward to it, and I think it will be fun for the kids. I went back and forth on doing Essentials for Ansley! I think we are going to try out Foundations first, and then go for Essentials the following year. I'd love to chat more about Math U See! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Sounds like we have similar math paths! ;)

Laura Campbell

Megan, we have done CC at Bearden for two years. We've enjoyed it. It has been a wonderful community, and I've enjoyed making friends with other moms as well as our kids making friends. They have an informational meeting sometime during the school year that gives an overview of middle school (Challenge) and High School. I found the meeting helpful to understand what the longterm view is with CC. There is also a practicum in June 23 -25 Practicum at Paideia. You may already know about that. I remember going to a practicum before the first CC we went to and found it helpful and encouraging. I think they discuss the long term vision of CC at the practicum as well.

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