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I'm very much so a homebody. I LOVE days on end at home! Right now if there are no other interruptions Thursday is the only day away from home. We do Awanas on Wed and lead a college bible study on thurs evenings. So I guess we do leave for those, but we are together so that feels different. I love the day to day of doing things at home or the farm.


Megan - hello from a fellow homebody. I used to give Scott a hard time for being such a homebody when we first got married...but 12 years in, I am converted and happy to be so!! My kiddos are homebodies, too, so it works for all of us. :) Can you plug your phone directly into your computer with a USB cord? I can...iPhone and Mac user here, too...and it's super easy!!


Me again :) Here's a link for a USB cable for the iPhone 6:


I am absolutely a homebody. My kids aren't as much (and of course, neither is my husband), which is hard. But I definitely am. I can relate to looking forward to waking up to a full day at home. I truly cannot imagine what it would be like to have to get my kids to school at 7:30 five days a week.

I'm not sure about your blog site, but I know my blog site has an app, so I can easily post pics straight from my phone to my blog. It's a piece of cake.

And there's a really fun art class at Smart Toys and Books for preschoolers every Friday. It's $5, and they do a story and an art project. I always took my boys and it was SO fun. I guess my girl is finally old enough to do it, now that she's two.

Keep on blogging!

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