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Well what I have to say about that situation is not appropriate for a public blog, but I'm thankful that in less than two weeks I get to hug MY friend's neck. And unfortunately for you, you are stuck with me for life.


Thank you for sharing your heart. Your post was beautifully written. I love that you can see the bigger picture and how God is sovereign and his plan, though difficult for us to understand, is set in place for our growth. I can't believe sisters in Christ would behave in such an immature way. Their loss I'd say. 😉 You are an amazing person and your wisdom and encouragement have blessed me. May you be blessed with forever friends as lovely and generous as you are.


Well, written Megan. Praying for healing for your heart and just so ya know I count you as a friend...even all these years later!


I honestly could totally relate to every word!! This has happened to me and it does leave you feeling so lost and broken. I am glad you have found peace and you have learned to trust God in this. Beautifully written.


Ashley, you make me laugh! Can't wait to see you soon! And, that's not unfortunate for me!

Thank you, Marni. I so appreciate your sweet words!

Thank you Suzy! I consider you a friend as well! And a homeschooling friend, no less! ;)

I'm sorry that you can relate, Brandi. Praying for healing for you!


Thank you for sharing Megan. This has happened to my husband and I with another couple. It is draining and overwhelming. I am glad you have found peace. I'm working on it, not quite there yet but this has been motivational for me!


Thank you Emily! I'm glad that it was helpful - that was my hope in sharing. :)


I still think about this post. I just reread it and it was again helpful. Thank you.


I'm so glad it was helpful Laura! That was my intention, so thank you for letting me know!

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