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  • I take pictures. This blog is a way for me to capture the every day moments in this season of my life before it becomes too foggy in my memory for me to recall. This is a tangible reminder of what my life was like, what we did, what was important to us, how we spent our days. These are the every day matters, because to me, every day matters.
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Why do I not feel we've received this farewell? Maybe their just so sad to see us go they aren't able? Or actually maybe it's because we always seem to say good-bye in a parking lot at a restaurant? Hmm...now that I think about that, is that strange?

MEGAN RESPONDS: Yes, I think it's the parking lot thing. I guess that is rather strange, but what can I say, we are an eating bunch. (There's no need to point fingers as to who might be the bigger eaters among us.)

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